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BitRealty Costa Rica started in the 2019. Looking for a business idea to serve people in the real estate market. Adding the knowlegde about digital marketing and cryptocurrencies transactions. All of these components to allow investors or buyers to make it easy. We sold in the beggining of 2022  few properties with Crytocurrencies transactions under the law requiretments. The legislation in Costa Rica allows this kind of deals cause they see Crypto as an exchangeble asset. 

Its important to know that also we sell properties with the traditional process, USD/Colon currencies, through escrow or bank transfer, etc. 

As a registered company we are aware of the importance of a legal and safe process of buying properties. So, we filter and supervise our customers profiles, lawyers and realtors involved in the negociation. 

Our goal and vision is make it easier for both parts, seller and buyer!  

Meet our CEO

Founder and realtor

Albert Ilama R. Entrepreneur with experience in Real Estate Consulting, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding & Cryptocurrencies.

Negotiation skills to get the best deal for both parts. Costa Rican Citizen.

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